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Lie Detection Services
Scotland, North of England
Dublin & Europe

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All calls treated in the strictest confidence
How the Polygraph Test Works

The polygraph works by tracing changes in a peron's physiological condtioning during questions. The changes are recorded directly onto the polygraph charts in order that they can be reviewed. The physiological changes have been the subject of various research projects and our examiners are experienced in interpreting the analysis of charts.

A test typically takes about two hours and consists of 3 phases - pre-test phase, in-test phase, and a post-test phase:
Polygraph Lie Detection Services in Scotland, North of England, Dublin & Europe
The client will complete all the formal docu- ments and the examiner will discuss  the procedure and how the instrument works with the examinee. The examiner also care- fully reviews the agreed questions to be asked in relation to the specific issue of concern.  This procedure normally takes 45-90 mins to complete.
The agreed questions will be asked during this phase while the subject is attached to the polygraph sensors. Only the examiner and the client will be present while the test is being conducted.
On completion of the polygraph test the examiner will analyse the charts before rendering a decision to the client's truth- fulness. A full written report is provided on request to the signatory.
Advice for Individuals Intending a Polygraph Examination - You will require a valid photograph ID, such as a Passport or Driver's Licence, and a written statement of the incident under investigation (if required). You should not be overtired, and be free from any intoxicating substances. Women who are pregnant and individuals currently under psychiatric counselling will not be tested. 

How to Schedule a Polygraph Examination -
You can schedule a polygraph examination by calling 01337 831 416, or filling in the enquiry form our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Always ensure appoint a professional qualified examiner
. We are recognized  accredited members of The British Polygraph Association and The American Polygraph Association. We offer a professional and accurate lie detection service using the latest computerized Polygraph instrument. The same techniques adhered by Law Enforcement in the United States. 

A qualified examiner will be happy to provide verification of their associated membership of the BPA and APA.

We have an Office in Fife, or alternatively can travel to a venue of your choice. Our services cover UK, Dublin and Europe.