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Independent Polygraph Services, Established 2006


Polygraph Services provide lie detector tests to both private individuals concerning personal/family issues and to companies relating to business matters such as unprofessional conduct within the work place or assistance with staff recruitment.

Prior to making a booking, our company will discuss the services which you require, an overview of the examination process will be given, the costs involved and what outcomes to expect. One of our examiners will go through a medical assessment with you to ensure the subject is suitable to undergo testing. Your appointment to conduct a lie detector test will be confirmed over the telephone, with appointment confirmation being sent either by email or by post.

As our company is completely independent and not an agency, your case will be directly managed by a qualified and experienced examiner, meaning you will receive the highest quality of service and assistance with resolving your particular concerns.


For the convenience of our clients we provide lie detector tests 7 days a week and can accommodate evening appointments at many locations throughout the UK. We do not however, test in a person’s home as there can often be distractions such as children or pets. Our examiners will instead, conduct polygraph examinations at an office location usually within a 20 mile radius of your home.


At the time of making a booking, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit. The payment is non-refundable as our work requires our examiners to be flexible and involves travel time and costs. The payment is also non-refundable to ensure that the subject does in fact intend to take the test.


Specific Issue Lie Detector Tests can include family or relationship issues, personal theft, false allegations, unprofessional conduct within the work place, business losses due to theft or any other concern that involves just one specific issue of concern. Specific Issue Testing is the most accurate type of test technique.

Multiple Issue Lie Detector Tests can cover more than one issue at a time and can be a useful for businesses to indicate whether a particular candidate is a good fit for the position they are applying for. These types of tests are also a good tool for periodically testing existing employees to ensure there are no malpractices within the workplace.

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Are you concerned your partner has been unfaithful and want to know the truth, or have you been accused of cheating? When it comes to relationship issues such as these, it can often be difficult to establish the truth or uncover deception. Should you follow your heart or your head?

As we are not therapists, we do not provide our clients with marriage advice. We do however provide our clients with an effective approach of uncovering the truth, paving a way for relationships to be restored or for amicable solutions to be reached. Our Infidelity Lie Detector Test has helped many couples to either get their relationships back on track or to move forward separately but in a positive way.


Have you found yourself in a situation where your honest qualities and strong moral principles have been called into question? Have you experienced issues within the work place such as sexual harassment allegations or have been accused of stealing? Whatever the case may be, Polygraph Services can assist those who have been falsely accused and who need to prove their innocence.

Our Integrity Lie Detector Tests are an effective and efficient method of verifying the truth in often complex and potentially costly cases. We provide Integrity Lie Detector Tests for a variety of situations and circumstances which are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.


Family disputes can often be difficult to resolve within in the family itself, as you will usually find that more than one family member is involved. With that, there is generally more than one side to the story and by which point, relationships have already begun to breakdown and suffer. You may feel a resolution is a lost cause or there is no end in sight. However, Polygraph Services can help you uncover the truth, giving you a transparent basis on which to begin mending relationships and to hopefully bring the family back together.

Our family dispute Lie Detector Tests can help in situations where there is a dispute over inheritance or property involving multiple parties. Or if a sentimental or prized possession has been stolen from you and the potential suspects are your nearest and dearest.


It is often very difficult for a business to ensure they choose the right applicant for the position. Businesses therefore utilise various methods in which to ensure they are doing just that. An employer may or at least, should request a CV, but how do they know the information provided on the CV is factual? Some employers now check applicants social media accounts and online activity, but again can this be used as a true representation of the applicant? Some employers are now taking the next step and having potential employees undergo Lie Detector Tests which is often saving businesses from using other time consuming and costly methods.


You may have experienced business losses due to theft of merchandise or company equipment etc. But with no CCTV evidence or any other proof and the word of one employee against another, these types of situations can be difficult to resolve.

Potential suspects however can undergo testing which is often a far more cost effective and efficient approach than traditional investigative methods.


Should you require any further information in regards to The Polygraph Test please complete our contact form. One of our polygraph examiners will respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible, usually within the same day of your enquiry.


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